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Hotel Management Department Hosts Visiting Scholars From Mendel University In Brno


The Hotel Management Department at the University of Jordan /Aqaba Branch recently had the honor of hosting Professor Pavel Ptáček and Professor Vojtech Tamáš from Mendel University at Brno in the Czech Republic who spoke with the students in the hotel management program about the advantages of studying abroad with special focus on Mendel University in Brno.

Dr. Ptáček said that Mendel University offers over 250 courses, taught in English, in different fields of study where international students are provided with accommodation at Mendel University halls of residence. Professor Ptáček explained that new incoming exchange students participate in the welcome week at the beginning of the semester. In addition, exchange programs are packed with social events, entertainment and supporting activities organized by the International Student Club throughout the academic year. 

Dr. Tamáš noted that students at Mendel University can also take advantage of the network of partner universities and various study exchange and academic cooperation programs. He also reaffirmed that the high-quality education, rich cultural life, and the beautiful surroundings are all excellent reasons for studying at Mendel.

Dr. Ayman Harb the Head of the Hotel Management Department stated that as a student, your experience studying abroad will set you apart from other students in the increasingly competitive global job marketplace. “The skills the students gain while living abroad give students an advantage in just about any career field”, said Dr. Harb.

Dr. Aahed Khliefat the Assistant Professor at the Hotel Management Department highlighted that many students who go abroad for their graduate education find that they perform better in an academic setting different from what they are used to at home. Dr. Khliefat also pointed out that experiencing a new teaching style and innovative ways to present and review subject material is one of the greatest advantages of studying abroad.

Attendant students interacted with the guest speakers and the studying abroad opportunities highlighted by them. Several questions about the challenges and opportunities to expect in the process of their application for, and attendance to, Mendel University were raised and discussed.

It is worth noting that several research projects are being under collaborative work among researchers from Mendel University in Brno and from The University of Jordan / Aqaba Branch at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in the areas related to Capacity Building, Tourism and Environmental Studies.  

Mendel University in Brno is the oldest independent university of its kind in the Czech Republic and is named after Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884), the founder of modern genetics, who lived and did his research in the city of Brno where Mendel University is located.

School of Tourism and Hospitality - Aqaba
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