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The Hotel Management Department provides students with excellent educational, research, and training services and prepare them to compete in the market locally, regionally and globally, as well as to achieve leadership in the fields of education, scientific research and training, and to contribute in the environment development and community service in general and in Aqaba region in particular. In addition to hold specialized training courses to raise the capabilities of the graduates and offer postgraduate programs.
1.MissionHotel ManagementHotel Management2
Hotel Management Department seeks to be a pioneer in the field of hospitality education at the local, regional and international levels.
2.VisionHotel ManagementHotel Management2
Towards achieving the aspirations of the tourist section of the labor market and its requirements by 2020.
2.Vision Tourism Management Tourism Management1
Travel and Tourism Management Department with its academic program seeks to achieve the following objectives, which fit in its vision of future: - Linking the theoretical education with practical side in a way that contributes to facilitating prospective graduates' employment in careers related to tourism. - Enhancing computer skills that will help students to interact with the software systems in hotels and tourism agencies. - Keeping up with the rapid development in the tourism industry and its sciences. - Making available the skills and knowledge required in the tourism labor market. - Providing an effective simulation similar to the one in real work environment. - Strengthening the linguistic skills of the students in the Department .
3.Objectives Tourism Management Tourism Management1
Department seeks to lead in the provision of qualified human resources in the tourism sector in Jordan and abroad, where the department is working on plans to include linguistic knowledge and practical skills needed to create cadres of the high level of qualification and training.
1.Mission Tourism Management Tourism Management1
1- To connect the theoretical education with the practical training to enable students to be qualified in the labor market. 2- To provide students with the most advanced knowledge in hotel administrations. 3- To provide students with computerized reservation systems utilized in hotel sector. 4- To keep up with the development in hospitality sector. 5- To contribute in the development of the local community.
3.ObjectivesHotel ManagementHotel Management2