8/9/2021 12:32 PM
Mohammed Zuhair Alkurdi

Many ask me why I chose tourism management and specialty travel?!
And I answer with pride, in regards to tourism, it is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s important source like oil is to others, and is the sole supplier of hard currency. I don’t forget that our beloved kingdom enjoys human and natural resources, and this proves that tourism is an important product and service.
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has the advantage of one of the most important features (tourist activity) and is a feature earned at a good ratio (high tourist attraction of tourists before exporting countries) and is a feature of safety and security, which is the tourist questioning them before making a purchase decision.
I chose to enroll in the management of tourism and travel from the intensity of my love for this field.  Also, I grew up with a family that has been in this business for a very long time, but my father was the one that has been working in this business for over 45 years and he is the one that introduced me to this passion from all the times he took me to work with him and all the time I traveled with him.
This type of expertise cannot be given without deep studying and many years of practice.
My experience at the University of Jordan / Aqaba were the greatest days of my life because it greatly benefited  me when I got out of the labor market I remember the first course I took in the College of Tourism and Travel and is (the entrance to the tourism industry). This course shows the importance of tourism to the internal and external and traces the history of tourism through the ages.
The days pass and cut a big run in the specialization courses and beautiful memories that each course I study is a complement to the course that you have to study in the previous chapters.
It is worth the courses and field training which the universities beloved to all students who are specializing in tourism and hospitality, and the whole thing develops and enhances the information within each person and even assists the mental maturity and rapid cognition.
My beloved university which I dedicate all my appreciation and thanks to, as well as each and every faculty members and the best learning, both helped me to love this beautiful home and my love for the promotion of tourism ...
Yes, my university is small but the prestige is great and the distance with the learning and education is huge.  The awareness and teaching commensurate with the curriculum contemporary international and enough compulsory languages imposed by the study plan for each student that  helps to master the language when you go out into the job market at the hands of the professional  and skilled professors .

And a study plan that allows the student to select a number of languages that they want to learn such as, Spanish, French, Italian and the language on the first (application) and second (constituent) level.

In the end, I would like to tell each student on the verge of university study,
Make your own decisions and don’t let anyone tell you what you want to do and don’t depend on anyone either, for you are your true guide.
((Listen to your heart is your guide to life)).
Deans and professors and doctors do not forget this specialization; understand who is making greater efforts to promote the sophisticated level of education in the beloved University of Jordan / Aqaba.